Anhui Tongfeng Electronics Co.,Ltd.
                            About us

                                   As a leading professional manufacturer of electronic parts and its material, Tongfeng has committed to building an international leading R&D and production base of electronic materials and components with a craftsman's spirit for decades since the Mid-1970s. At present, Tongfeng has become a well-known enterprise group with a famous brand in industries of household electrical appliances, rail transportation, clean energy, electricity, lighting electronics, electronic circuit, electronic display, modern printing, energy saving, automotive electronics, ship propulsion and other fields, with a total of seven companies, including a listed company.  

                                     The products include AC motor running capacitors, power electronic capacitors, polypropylene film for capacitor, polyester film for capacitor, and metallized film for capacitor, Crystal frequency slice, crystal oscillator, LED lead frame, battery separator, car seat and etc.

                                 The AC motor running capacitors are widely used for the accessory elements of air conditioner, washing machine, refrigerator, electric fan, dishwasher, dryer, water pump, etc.













                             The Power Electronic Capacitors are used in fields of high-speed rail, traction locomotive, subway, low-floor vehicle, electric car, electronic marine, photovoltaic panel, wind generator, UPS power supply, smart grid, intelligent instruments, etc.










                                 The DC Capacitor, Crystal Oscillator are widely used for the accessory elements of PCB control panel, energy-saving lamp, automobile energy management and energy recovery, communication and other equipment or systems etc.









                               The Polypropylene Film, Polyester Film and Metallized Film are all for manufacturing capacitors. Some polyester film can be used in thermal-transferring printing.


















                            The products of LED lead frame, battery separator are used in LED display and lighting and EV respectively.















                                     Adhering to the ideas of providing solutions and adding value for customer, Tongfeng designs and manufactures products in high accord with customers’ real demands. Through continuous investment in R&D, emphasis on new product development and new technology research, Tongfeng carries out scientific research activities relying on Technical Center and Engineering Center, and widely cooperates with universities and scientific research institutions by regarding postdoctoral workstation as the platform. Through variety R&D activities, Tongfeng has cultivated a number of high-quality technical personnel and accumulated more than 100 patents. They also are more concerned about quality management and continuous improvement, with the lowest failure rate and highest reliability of the products ahead of the international advanced level. And, its production cost control and production efficiency are also ahead of the level of the industry.
























                                    In the future, Tongfeng will continue to focus on the development and production of electronic components and materials, provides solutions with high quality products and professional services, and improves itself while bringing the value to customers. Focusing on customer needs and feelings, Tongfeng will establish long-term stable cooperative partnership with customers.

                            Company Portfolio
                            Contact us
                            • Company Address:Tongfeng Industrial Park,3rd CUIHU RD,Economic and Technological Development Zone,Tongling, Anhui
                            • Complaint Hotline:0562-5883728
                            Copyright ? 2021 Anhui Tongfeng Electronics Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Powered by MuYuTong
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